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The most common questions about Delay Pills


What is Delay?

Delay Pills are completely natural pills made up of complexes of herbal ingredients that aim to reduce nervous tension in the shortly before and during sexual intercourse. It delays ejaculation and prolong a sexual intercourse.

How is it used?

Delay is used twice daily for one Delay pill. Sometimes in extreme cases it is useful to take an extra pill for one hour prior to intercourse.

When is it best to take Delay?

Delay is taken twice a day. In the morning and in the evening after meal with a glass of water. We recommend that you always take it at the same time to make it a routine.

Does Delay contain lactose?

Delay pills do not contain lactose.

Is Delay adequate for diabetics?

Yes, Delay pills do not contain glucose syrup and sugar.

When can I expect to see the first results?

The speed of achieving results is individual and depends on the prediction of premature ejaculation, age and life habits. In most cases, the first effects in terms of longer duration of relationship are felt after a week of regular use.

Are there any undesirable effects?

Delay is a natural means that does not cause dependence and no unwanted effects. People using antidepressants can consult a doctor.

What will happen if you drink alcohol when taking a pill?

Alcohol and Delay pills have no known interactions. This means that alcohol consumption is not reduced by the efficacy of the pills, and all that is wrong will be the result of taking the alcohol.

What is the optimal age for taking the pill?

Pills can and should be taken from adolescence until the male is sexually active.

How long should I use Delay?

Regular (daily) use of Delay pills is recommended for three months. After that, it is sufficient to take one pill only before the intercourse.

How much is the pack in the pack?

One pack Delay contains sixty (60) pills.

60 day money back guarantee

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee: You can return the product without any explanation and we will refund your money (usually within two weeks).